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What is the shipping cost to specific EU countries and other continents? Do for the different sets shipment prices differ?

Shipping price depends on the geographic location. They are set up as a basic fee for one time delivery to one address. Shipping price will not increase if you order a bigger bundle, i.e. if you order family pack your delivery price will be the same as for one Adult set.


Where to buy SPYNTEX?

We have just successfully finished SPYNTEX Kickstarter campaign and leave an opportunity open for pre-order on Backer kit. You can order it here or you could wait till the product appears in retail but unfortunately then the price will be about 200% higher than now.


What kind of payment method could be used to precede the order?

You have the possibility to manage your order and to pay via credit Card, PayPal or wire transfer. If you choose wire transfer, please send us your email address to info@spyntex.com and we will contact you for further details.


1. How can we choose the colours?

You don't need to choose colours at the moment you place the order. You will have at least 1 month to decide, till we will contact you for survey.

2. Can I order white and black options for my Twin Adult set?

You could choose different colours for any of your SPYNTEX set of the package, i.e. the one could be white the other one black, or any other colours.

3. Is it comfortable? Can it be adjusted according to individual complexity? What could be the biggest radius of curved line?

We can assure you that with SPYNTEX it is possible to assemble comfortable curved chase lounge, which adjust to every single your body line with no severe angles. All SPYNTEX elements are rounded, the surface is smooth and the bars slide into each other without any gaps or edges making the perfect curves or straight lines, just exactly the same as it is shown in video on our Kickstarter campaign. That‘s what we call magic. What is more, having several sets it is possible to construct joined twin chase lounge and have a double pleasure of having a rest in company. And of course depending on your imagination with SPYNTEX it is possible to build any other shape even the one that curves you around.

4. What is the maximum weight that SPYNTEX set could be loaded? What is maximum weight calculation in case of combining Adult and Kids versions?

Due to unique interlocking elements design and complexed material SPYNTEX can hold up to 160 kg even in swinging position. This also applies if combining Adults and Kids loading capacity.

5. What is SPYNTEX made of? Does it contain toxic chemical components? Will you have organic certification?

We responsibly declare that SPYNTEX composition will meet all safety requirements of health institutions of countries where SPYNTEX is distributed. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality reasons we cannot disclose the components of SPYNTEX composition, as the product is still under development. As SPYNTEX is suitable for kids, it will not exceed permissible rate of norms allowed for children toys.

6. How weather resistant is it? Can it be left outdoors?

SPYNTEX perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, SPYNTEX has a smooth surface that is pleasing to the touch and yet is long lasting, water-resistant and immensely.

7. Can you confirm that there will be no pinching by the joints as we sit on them?

We can assure you that there is no pinching by the joints, because due unique design all the joints are tightly locked together - they don't move. The tension (while somebody's sitting) is spreading between all the elements. This effects also very precise looseness tolerance between interlocked elements and allows avoiding getting pinched. It has been tested! We have some very hairy colleagues :)

8. Have you considered selling a mold?

The opportunity to make personalized, custom decorative pieces could be wildly popular, and justify a hefty price tag. Without some engineering and material science background, actually making entire weight-bearing furniture items would be very difficult... especially if the mold were only offered for one of the children's bars. We are delighted to see that SPYNTEX causes some interesting issues. We have not you considered selling molds, but thank you for sharing with us this very nice idea. We will consider it.

9. Could you please provide the floor surface dimensions of (some of) the models showed?

This would for example be helpful in deciding how many we can fit on our balcony. The floor surface dimensions depend on the models also on individual body shape. Some shapes for sitting varies from 550x750 mm till 550x1100 mm, lounge chairs starting from 550x1600 mm. We will add some more visual information on our page to explain it.

10. Can it float? (Just in case we want to use it in a swimming pool, not for descending the Amazon)

Yes it can float. You can construct your own raft and even swans:)

11. Are the colour resistant to the sun light? Is there any deformation in the sun ? (if 10C in the morning and 35C in the afternoon?)

SPYNTEX is UV and cold/heat resistant up to -10 / + 40 C, but the user should avoid the temperature change more than 20C / 24h.

12. What would be the effect if laying on snow or on a flooded terrace after heavy rain?

Snow, water resistant indoors and outdoors.

13. Will you "open source" the product design?

Unfortunately we cannot provide “open source”, product design is protected, but our Free App SPYNTEX will give the possibilities to construct different attachments, which customers could print out with 3D printers.

14. What other materials will be used after wood and plastic, maybe glass?

Yes, we will use this concept for developing it in all possible and most unpredictable materials - it is our passion and fun. The transparent plastic bars will create an effect of glass. We hope that we will provide lots of fun for many.

15. A special bar with a line of LEDs incorporated?

LED, stereo, USB solutions under development now - it will be available as separate gadgets, SPYNTEX and SPYNDI fans will be first to know.


15. How you will approach liability? What is over stability of the furniture?

Since the configuration of the components is left to the consumer, and consumers are infinitely inventive, many will come up with designs that are dangerously unstable and injuries will occur. Past cases show (your lawyers will no doubt give you the case-law and precedent) that warning consumers of this risk is not enough to avoid liability. Instability for young children is unlikely to result in worse than a few bruises and a few tears, but for adults, there will be hospitalizations, and while normal expectations for proper and improper use will protect you in some cases, it won't for the stability of user-designed configurations, because you are telling them they can configure the product exactly as they please.

Answer: We do take into consideration this issue very seriously. Our product is not a toy, but transformable furniture that has kids size and children can use it only with the supervision of parents. We definitely do not recommend to assemble any unsafe shapes in our use instructions and apps, all options have been carefully tested. Nevertheless, no one can be responsible for a person, who instead of ladder piles furniture one on top another in order to reach lamp bulb. We will issue all necessary users safety instructions. Thank you very much for sharing with us your insights.


1. Is the app already made, and is it possible to download so that I can start furniture designing?

The App is under development. We will introduce Beta version to our Backers in May 2017.

2. Are you thinking about add-ons for extra bar packs now or in the future?

Yes, there will be extra bar packs in the future! SPYNTEX Backers will have the possibility to choose their add-ons for special Backers price after they play with App and decide what they need.

3. It would be great also if you had some extra items, such as small wheels (so it can turn to a moving coffee table or moving chair or tray) as well as selling some paddings / cushions.

The product is continuously under the development and there will come different accessories to SPYNTEX. We will inform the clients as soon as they are available.

4. What platforms will application run on? Will the weight calculation be included?

Main focus is to release on iOS and Android devices. Then we will shift focus on WebGL to support application on the latest browsers (that supports WebGL 2.0). There are also some plans to support Windows Phone as well, but because platform is not very popular and devices are quite weak, it’s only a consideration for now.

5. Will there be an opportunity to select some additional modules after we get an application?

Yes, there will be an opportunity to select some additional elements after you get an application. We will stay in contact with our Backers. So they will be able to be the first to find out about the novelties and adds-on.

6. Is there any chance to get the application earlier? Do you need beta-testers or developers maybe (35+ years of experience)?

Yes, we are planning to ship it earlier with TestFlight for iOS and maybe we will find something appropriate for Android as well. We will send out beta details as soon as we are ready to show application to public.


1. There's a company that looks identical that came out on Kickstarter a few months back, was that you?

Thank you for your interest and for remembering SPYNDI. Yes, SPYNTEX was inspired by SPYNDI and is a spin - out, a kind of evolution from a handmade luxury product into a mass produced products. We are happy that SPYNDI concept have found its audience and can develop further.

2. Will SPYNDI and SPYNTEX be compatible? Some people might want to mix plastic and wood pieces.

Yes, SPYNDI and SPYNTEX could be compatible in the joins section, but the bars length and profile strength is different, so we would not recommend to mix it. But there are lots of ideas under development for both products.

3. How different SPYNTEX is from SPYNDI? Is SPYNTEX just different colours?

SPYNTEX is a legal SPYNDI’s baby, a spin-out project. SPYNDI was our inspiration – but it is a luxury item that is not affordable for all. The difference is quite big: SPYNDI is exclusive and luxurious item handmade of solid wood. SPYNTEX is mass produced from artificial material conglomerate in 9 colours, the bar length is different, weights approx. 3-4 times less, SPYNTEX has a kids line, elements can be mixed and perfectly matching between Kids and Adults lines, product weight fits well for kids to play, the ending design is different.

4. Are you situated in the UK? This is relevant for the question about duties and taxes.

The product will be manufactured and dispatched from UK.
Shipping Updates No shipping updates are provided.
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